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FutureShape360 Newsletter #1

FutureShape360 is a Web 3.0 organization focused on creating a collective of builders, creatives & pioneers who share the same vision of all things decentralized.

A quick recap of last week…

tl;dr: the merge, CPI, and the chaotic week ahead, heavy private funding returns, the likely BTC rotation, and monitoring ETH PoW chainID.

BTC dominance 38.8% | ETH dominance 19.9% | DeFi TVL $60B |

Total Crypto Market Cap $990T | Stablecoin Supply $154B |

FutureShapeDrop: The Stoics |

Has it already been a month since the first FutureShape360 event in Denver, CO?

Three days of fully tokenized and all-inclusive experiences went by so quickly. It was truly a remarkable weekend with leaders in Web 3.0, NFTs, and entertainment. From the first day at Grant-Humphrey’s Mansion, Deadmau5's private performance at Meow Wolf, and Don Diablo at the Fillmore the day after, I couldn’t contain my excitement! At each event, I spoke with different FS360 token holders to find out how they were pioneering Web 3.0 in their own way. And on the last day, we experienced something transformative together - Gabe Weis's live painting at Choice Market’s “Party in a Grocery Store” at 3 am.

I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who made that weekend special, we know the amount of work and effort that went into it to make it a reality.

Don Diablo & Cherub at The Filmore The second night of FutureShape360, Denver 2022.

Where is FutureShape 360 now?

With our first 3-Day weekend in Denver, we had 165 VIP Attendees, 400 attendees at Deadmau5, and 2800 people at Don Diablo.

Each FS360 token holder was airdropped over 10 NFTs from artists and creators within the collective. Combined with the all-inclusive weekend, we have been airdropped NFTs that, together, hold more value than the mint price of the FS360 token.

FS360 Token Mint Price: 2.5E

NFTs Airdropped:

Gabe Weis 360 - 0.68E Z HOVAK X FutureShape 360 - 0.09E Please Stand By SenatorGreaves 2022 - 0.68E FutureShaper 2022 by Luther - 0.09E Be a Visionary by Luther Brown - 0.09E Stanley Shapes the Future - 0.169E Capone | Gabe Leonard - 0.069E Let's Rock

Inflatable_Leather - 0.049E Give Me My Spaceman The Odyssey of 777 - 0.069E Skull River - 0.069E Didg Baba - 0.168E WARHODL x FutureShape360 Denver edition Soup can - 0.269E Welcome To Decentral City - 0.1E Blkburd Genes x FutureShape360 Radiant Being of the Future

TOTAL: 2.592E

Gabe Weis 360 Experience

The beginning of FutureShape360, Denver 2022.

WARHODL x FutureShape360

This soup can is to commemorate the kickoff weekend of FS360 in Denver. A new paradigm on web3 and IRL.

Airdrops are just the tip of the iceberg for what you get by being an FS360 TOKEN HOLDER...

During August, we hosted several FutureForward Presentations over Telegram where token holders can pitch and present their projects. So far we've had 6 presentations:

We have two more FutureForward Presentations for the month of September, Futuremints which will be on the 20th, and Spirit Punks the week after on the 27th. In October, we're looking forward to having more presentations from members to share what they are doing in Web 3.0.

At the same time, we’ve had two notable drops mint out from token holders in August,

The Stoics and Nexus Voyagers. FS360 has also been able to secure 200 Allowlist Spots, courtesy of Inder Phull, for the pre-launch of Pixelynx, a venture that is focused on blurring the lines between music, blockchain, and gaming. Blocksters released an exciting article on Britney Kaisers’ talk during the FS360 Weekend in Denver, so do have a read if you missed it!

The Stoics

“He who fears death will never do anything worthy of a man who is alive” ― Seneca

Mint Price: 0.0888E Current Floor: 0.2E 2 allowlists were given to all FS360 Holders

We have so much more to come...

Another newsletter will be sent out tomorrow regarding events in LA this weekend and FutureForward Presentations for the rest of September As always, join the telegram if you haven't already to keep up to date with everything FutureShape360.



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