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FutureShape360 Newsletter #2

FS360 is focused on delivering forward-thinking events for our forward-thinking holders.

This weekend we have 2 events that are feeding honey back to the hive, and we are super excited:

  • Th3Syndicate on Friday, the 23rd

    • Special Guest Performers

    • Interactive music, art, and culture

    • 22,000 sqft facilities

  • PASS on Saturday, the 24th

    • Highlighted Artists: Gabe Weis & Raven50MM

      • Featured Artists: Sabet, Luther, Camille, etc

  • ...A private paint and art party by the pool on Sunday RSVP HERE

The FS360 weekly In newsletter #1 we discussed the FutureForward Presentations that have been held, so here's what's next:

  • Spirit Punks on Tuesday, the 27th

    • The World's First NFT-Driven Alcoholic Spirit Release

  • NFTY Tunes on Tuesday, October the 4th

    • Purchase, build, and sell musical GIFs from the world's top artists

There's so much utility that has yet to be disclosed:

  1. FS360 Denver Biannually

  2. Choice Market Activations

  3. Verse Activations

  4. FS360 Members-hosted events

  5. Year-round Crypto Events

    • Art Basel, NFT LA, BTC Miami, and NFT NYC

[Discounts on Tolago, Membership into Th3Syndicate, 20% discount at Token Frame, 15% discount at Solid Mint Studios, 5% discount on NFT Crax, pre-sale into Think:NFT drops, access to SmashHaus,, Fan Minted moments, PASS (Party Animal Secret Society) and Vuzec] As always, join the telegram if you haven't already to keep up to date with everything FutureShape360.



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