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(In-the-News) IRL Meets Metaverse With The Metanoise x Pixelynx New Partnership

Written by: LIDIA YADLOS October 31, 2022

Given the current challenges in the market, now is the time more than ever to form alliances in the space and join forces with aligned brands in order to innovate and create a huge impact. The partnership between Metanoise and Pixelynx is the epitome of this sentiment, bringing together the best of IRL and digital to create immersive experiences and initiatives for their communities. “This is the time to ignore the noise, everyone is listening to the bear market narrative that has pushed many people out of this space."

"The real narrative to pay attention to right now is the amount of quality projects and ideas that are being built day in and day out - and relying on partners and collaboration is the key to success in Web3.” - Noam Silkoff, Founder of the Metanoise

In the spirit of partnership - what exactly can the community expect from these two powerhouses joining forces? For one, with experiences being a major focus for both businesses, there will certainly be a mix of IRL and metaverse experiences to bring the two communities together to collaborate, immerse in art and culture, and explore the future of the space. On top of that, when it comes to art and music - the community can expect to get the inside scoop and presale access to some amazing art-focused projects and NFT drops.

In short, the possibilities are endless.

“Metanoise is successfully cultivating an exclusive group of members highly focused on building the future of Web3,” said Inder Phull, CEO of PIXELYNX.

“Our vision is to create new ways for fans and artists to interact while driving culture together and pushing the artform forward. I've always been impressed at how strong and inspiring the Metanoise community is.” When it comes to the artists and creators in the space, doors to new opportunities are limitless. In addition to a larger audience and fanbase, musicians and creators can leverage the Metanoise ecosystem to receive support on licensing, brand deals, NFT development/implementation, and access to platfroms IRL and Metaverse alike. The Pixelynx community of creators will also see new collaboration opportunities and connection to other builders through the Metanoise Accelerator environment. No matter what role one plays in either community, there is a ton of value to get out of this partnership for those willing to explore and take advantage of the additional support and exposure. At the end of the day, the success of a partnership really comes down to those on the team building the machine and running the business. In the case of Metanoise and Pixelynx, they are run by true professionals and industry experts who not only have a deep Web3 background, but also understand the mechanics of creating and scaling businesses. “The Web3 space saw an abundance of NFT projects launch and mint out successfully, without knowing how to operate the company thereon after, and slowly rug," said Noam.

"We come from a background of running real businesses with successful track records and understand the intricacies of day to day operations and delivering without fail.” Noam Silkoff, Founder of the Metanoise

Be sure to join both communities to immerse into the future of Web3 and stay on top of all the benefits this partnership will bring to the greater community.



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