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FutureShape360 Newsletter #5

FutureShape360 is a Web 3.0 organization focused on creating a collective of builders, creatives & pioneers who share the same vision of all things decentralized.

BTC dominance 38.7% | ETH dominance 18.9% | DeFi TVL $55.1B |

Total Crypto Market Cap $1.01T | Stablecoin Supply $140B |

FutureForward Episode #13

FS360 token holders are able to pitch their companies, present demos, and seek investments through FutureForward Episodes over Telegram. We've hosted 13 presentations so far from our partners and members.

Today, we are introducing Metanoise’s very own Art Department! You should've seen the jumpsuits if you were at Coloween over the weekend! We are so excited to hear what we have planned for the Art Department. Click here to join us on Tuesday, the 1st, at 7PM PST for our FutureForward Episode #13 where we introduce The Art Department. Join us in a Twitter Space at 6PM PST here to warm up the crowd!


Colloween is the longest-running Halloween party held in Colorado, at the Stockyard Event Center. With visuals by Adam Vlux and live art by Luther Brown and Manny Linx, this was not only a Halloween bash, it was an art extravaganza with the help of Metanoise.

Patrons were able to enjoy AR art around the entire venue using Microsoft’s HoloLens with software by Enklu and programmed by Noam Silkoff.

Fresh meatball sandwiches and an entire mini supermarket was popped up by Choice Markets of Colorado and provided merch and munchies for the best Halloween party in the state to enjoy.

Metanoise x Pixelynx

IRL Meets Metaverse With The Metanoise x Pixelynx New Partnership

What can the community expect from the partnership?

  • More events, more activations. Experiences are a major focus for both businesses.

  • Pixelynx will begin to host immersive art and music events within their metaverse.

  • FS360 Token Holders will be able to participate in pre-sales with Artists on Pixelynx

Mad Rabbits Music Drop

In collaboration with @MadRabbitsRC x @daosideways - we are so excited to drop the official bonus track of "Gang Wars" on @niftygateway!

Cover art created by the incredibly talented Metanoise Art-Department resident artists @SenatorGreaves and @lutherarts!

On sale now on NiftyGateway for the next 3 hours as of this post!

As always, join the telegram if you haven't already to keep up to date with everything FutureShape360.



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